Born: Sandal, West Yorkshire, England.

Education: Wakefield College 1992-1994; Chelsea College of Art (BA Hons. Painting) 1994-1997; Royal College of Art (MA Printmaking) 1998-2000

Lives and works in London, England.



My work invites people to dwell in an imaginary world of ramshackle environments and fragile constructions. I make drawings, books, collages and objects that depict prosaic subject matter: buildings, rock-like forms, tables, sheds, and marginal landscapes. I offer my outlook to the spectator as perceptual dwelling space.

To build my drawings and works I first trace over photographs of real things. The tracings I extract form the basis of my final pictures – I employ them not unlike jigsaw pieces, slotting them together in new combinations to envision an alternative world or strange, fantastical object.

My created world is pitched between flowering and collapse, not unlike the one encountered every day, sometimes solid, sometimes precarious; part natural, part human-made. The things and spaces I create might appear delicate or rickety (the materials are often slight, and all the fine lines jitter) yet my compositions are carefully poised and deliberately rendered by a certain hand.

Some people question art's necessity, viewing it as a folly. But like a folly, the least habitable or 'necessary' form of architecture, so art can offer temporary respite: absorption, amusement, contemplation and transcendence. The 'ground' of a sheet of paper, for the artist, is a physical space that can be occupied and provides an occupation in return. The escapism enjoyed through viewing or constructing artworks is, perhaps, comparable to visiting a romantic pleasure garden, an underground cavern, or a humble allotment.


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